Sunday Morning Info

Sunday Mornings in the Hydrate Student Ministry at Trinity Baptist Church are exciting opportunities to grow in friendships with others and study God’s Word together. We call these small group Bible studies “Sunday School.”

We have 5 Sunday school classes that meet at 9:45 AM in the Epicenter (the student room). From the Epicenter, we split off into grade & gender specific groups for meaningful fellowship and relevant Bible study. We'd love to see you this Sunday!

Current Study:

The Gospel Project: The Church On Mission


December 24: No Sunday School. One Service 10am

December 31:: Leader Guide: tgp02v10s_u1s4_lg_csb  Parent Guide:tgp02v10s_u1s4_oneconversation

January 7: Leader Guide:tgp02v10s_u1s5_lg_csb  Parent Guidetgp02v10s_u1s5_oneconversation

January 14: Leader Guide:tgp02v10s_u1s6_lg_csb Parent Guide: tgp02v10s_u1s6_oneconversation

January 28:

Training Videos

Leader Resources

I am so thankful for each of our leaders and want to equip you as best as possible. I have chosen to put some links and helpful article on this page for you. Whether you are a veteran youth worker or are just starting out working with teenagers I hope these are helpful to you.

Lead Small

Lead Small: Five Big Ideas Every Small Group Leader Needs to Know

This book clarifies the responsibilities of the small group leader who works with children and teenagers. It establishes five common threads so that those who choose to lead in any size church can work off the same blueprint. When you lead small, you realize that what you do for a few has more potential than what you do for many. When you lead small, you choose to invest in the lives of a few to encourage authentic faith

We use the principles in this book to help us with our small groups.

99 thoughts for small group leaders

99 Thoughts for Small Group Leaders

Small groups are very important to us at Hydrate. I have given this book to our small group leaders to help when they get stuck and need some ideas to get the group flowing.