Parents this page is meant to be a help to you.

I am a parent of four little ones and I know how hard it is to be a parent in this ever changing and anti-Christian world. I want to provide as much help as I can to you as you navigate this "parenting thing". On this page you will see article, E-books, videos, and other helpful resources that I hope will assist and encourage you on the road.


Brandon Phillips


20 Family Prayer Practices & Experiences with Your Teen

Prayer is such an important part of our lives as Christians.  It also should be an important part of our families, especially during the pre-teen and teenage years of spiritual development.  Often, however, during these years,  parents assume that the work of teaching our children to pray is over.  We might feel less comfortable or feel like praying with our children is treating them like they are younger.

Here are 20 family prayer practices and experiences that can continue to unite the family and grow our children.

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10 Ways to Safeguard Your Child Online

In this day and age, there are multiple access points that our children have to view things that we would rather them not. This document will give your parents 10 tips to safeguard their house and devices so that they can ensure that their children are only viewing what they would like for them too.

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80 Scriptures for Parents

This is a pdf of 80 different scriptures that can encourage parents during many different situations they will find themselves in.

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25 Parenting Tips

25 Days of Parenting Tips

Let’s face it. Parents connecting with their teens and tweens can be difficult at times. Parents are busy and often overwhelmed. This resource is 25 quick and easy ways parents can connect with their kids in a meaningful way.

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52 Family Dinner Discussions

52 Family Dinner Discussions

This is a fun way to get kids and parents talking. Sometimes as parents, finding ways to relate to your teen becomes increasingly more challenging. This will give parents a fun way to get their teens talking. This will help parents continue to gain an understanding of their ever-evolving teen.

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Here are some E-Books that I hope you find helpful.

Being Heard by Your Teenager

Being Heard By Your Teenager

This is a very helpful ebook you can send to Parents to help them Communicate with their Teenager. It’s one thing to talk to your Teenager. It’s a whole other thing to be heard by your Teenager. This ebook helps parents to “speak teenager” in such a way that the message will get across.

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Dealing with a Broken Heart

What Now? Dealing With A Broken Heart

“What Now” is an ebook for parents whose teenager has gone through a break up. This book will help parents know how to empathize with their teen and know what steps they need to take to walk their teen through their feelings of brokenness. This is such an awkward and difficult time in the life of a teen. This book will be a timely gift to parents whose teen is dealing with a broken heart.

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What Now

What Now? Dealing With Pornography

This is an ebook for parents of teenagers who are struggling with pornography written by Tasha Levert. Tasha Levert is a counselor and minister from New Orleans, LA.

She earned an MA in Marriage and Family Counseling in 1999, a ThM (Master of Theology) in 2002, and a PhD in Marriage and Family Counseling in 2005.

This ebook was written for Parents who discover their teenager has encountered pornography. She focused this ebook on how parents can respond in the first 48 hours in a healthy way.

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